January 8, 2020 PPIAC Training Meeting

  • Wednesday, January 08, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Hilton Inverness, 200 Inverness Drive W, Englewood CO 80112

Monthly Training & Networking Meeting

January 8, 2020

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Considerations for Private Investigators

Ninety-four percent of all Americans have cell phones and in a time where our digital footprints can lead to or leave behind potential evidence (depending on your perspective), understanding the process of collecting, preserving and then processing the data from emails and texts, and metadata from applications, can be a huge source of evidence and can add another tool to supporting your clients.  

This presentation will examine at a high level how cell phones and other connected devices are sources of evidence to private investigators and the role electronic discovery can play in finding the smoking gun. Attendees will learn how data can reside on devices and in the provider's cloud, and how once it is all collected, what can be done to cull, search and review the most relevant information. The goal is to show how private investigators can add a potential layer of support to their attorney-clients.

 Presenter: Pete Smith/Perin Investigations

Perin Investigations focuses on finding "it," that is, data, information or persons-of-interest in litigation, investigations, FOIA's/CORA's and other trigger events through digital forensics, eDiscovery and open source investigations.


Hosted at:

Hilton Denver Inverness
200 Inverness Drive West

Englewood, CO 80112

Meeting Start Time:

6:00-6:30  NETWORKING

6:30-7:30 General Meeting

Come early and order dinner from the Fireside restaurant! Bring business cards and meet your colleagues.

(Fireside restaurant does not accept phoned in orders)

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