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The PPIAC, founded in 1978, was formed to improve the credibility of private investigators, and to provide guidelines for a licensing statute in the State of Colorado. These efforts were realized on June 1, 2015, when mandatory private investigator licensing once again became law in Colorado. This was partially due to the continuing commitment of PPIAC to support such legislative endeavors. In 2020, Governor Jared Polis vetoed the renewal of the PI licensing law. PPIAC will continue to advocate for the reimplementation of Colorado investigator licensing. 

PPIAC focuses on continuous education while providing framework for ethical conduct. The public knows that it can rely on the members of this organization. All members have passed a thorough background check and firmly believe in a high standard of conduct. The PPIAC fosters professionalism in its members. By keeping the private investigative community apprised of legislative changes (as well as forthcoming modifications that may affect the profession as a whole), investigators remain up-to-date with the governing statutes.

While PPIAC continues to monitor legislative issues that can impact our businesses, PPIAC also creates venues for networking, continuing education and training. Our mission is to perform our duties within the scope of the law… to conduct ourselves and our businesses responsibly and ethically… to protect the confidentiality of our clients… and to maintain and enhance the skills and talents upon which our clients depend.

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We’re an organization that prides ourselves on pairing education and learning with a high standard for ethics in private investigation. If you’re looking to meet the leadership team behind PPIAC, learn about our code of ethics, or delve into our policies, explore our links below.


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