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PI Bill Introduced in Colorado 2020 Legislative Session

Tuesday, February 04, 2020 12:45 PM | Andrea Orozco

Two days after DORA presented the PI Sunset Report in the House Transportation Committee and the committee voted 11-0 in favor of allowing a bill to be drafted, the PPIAC Legislative Committee is pleased to announce that last week a bill was introduced in the Colorado Legislature. Of note, the bill makes little changes to the current law. Also of note, the bill has received bi-partisan sponsorship, including bi-partisan Prime sponsorship! It is very significant to have bi-partisan sponsorship and a total of 6 sponsors.

This change in momentum is very encouraging considering how dismayed we were when we first read DORA's recommendation. We got a great jump out of the starting blocks. However, we also know there's still a long race ahead with many more hurdles to go. 

Also, PPIAC has received an overwhelming amount of support from the profession around the country and even internationally. Groups such as NCISS, NALI, IASIR and WAPI have all expressed support for a continuation of Colorado's PI license. Also, our President is reaching out to every state's association to obtain letters of support, with many already having been received. The goal is to have EVERY state with PI licensing and even those without to express their support for Colorado. PPIAC has letters of support from many individual PIs from around the country and attorneys. In short, the early successes of this process are a testament to the collective efforts of consumers, PIs, a fantastic lobbyist and sponsors in the Legislature including the first to offer support, Representative Melton, to see this through. Let's keep the momentum going to ensure the continuation of licensing in this wonderful state.

Here is the link to the bill:


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