The PPIAC Board of Directors is very excited about 2023 for the organization. We have many great things coming up this year, and some fantastic things have already occurred.
Our first BIG announcement is about this page. The PPIAC What’s Happening Page. We are thrilled to have this as our new home of happenings about the organization. We have had many formats and types of newsletters for the PPIAC over the years the organization has been around. And this iteration will allow us to provide you with up-to-date information and an easy way to archive this information for future reference right here on our website.

During our January meeting, we were honored to have recognized two outstanding past board members for their commitment to the PPIAC over the years.

Past President Rod Gagnon was one of those we recognized for his years of contribution to the group. Rod has served as VP of Membership and Treasurer, and his last tour of duty was as President. And even now, Rod still gives of his time attending our regular meetings and providing feedback to the board.

Our recent past Treasurer, Beth Courrau, was also recognized for her past commitments to the board as Treasurer and an At Large Director. Beth was highly instrumental in putting together our conference last year, and her sound advice and financial prowess will be missed on the board.

We have also brought on board our first Intern, Briana Rendon, for the PPIAC! Briana will work closely with Training and Legislation VPs in various capacities. She is currently a student at MSU Denver studying for her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Criminology, Minor in Legal Studies degrees.

Speaking of legislative matters, many PPIAC members, legislative committee members, and our VP of Legislation recently attended the Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus. This event was attended by thirteen Latino legislators, which included Sen. Julie Gonzales and Sen. Robert Rodriguez. Our legislative group met with most attendees and kept the PPIAC and the PI Industry at the forefront of their minds.

Other quick updates for our members involve this year’s CIDI (Colorado Investigative Development Institute) event, scheduled for Friday, May 12, and Saturday, May 13, 2023. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. More details will be released soon!

Our conference committee is working diligently on this year’s Rocky Mountain Investigator’s Conference plans. Even though we are in the preliminary stages, it is looking to be the best conference yet!

In conclusion, thank you for supporting the PPIAC, the many volunteers on our committees, and the Board of Directors. It is your support that helps keep moving this organization forward.